Whats your full name? Lara Lambrich

How are your studies called? Master in Sustainable Communication

What are your hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time? I build up a camper van by myself, called Frieda. 🚐 This is why I love to travel, sleep outside and do water sports.

Where do you feel home? I was born in Cologne, Germany and I also grew up in Rhineland, but the most home I feel wherever I can live in my van without having appointments.

Why are you in SSA? I believe that change can only happen if you take things into your own hands and change them from an inner inspiration. Since I’ve been in Sweden, I’ve realized much more than before that this is much better achieved through positivity than through negative feelings, such as climate anxiety. SSA offers me the right setting to achieve that and at the same time I am surrounded by people who feel just like me. 🐝