Students for Sustainable Action

is an student association at Jönköping University, committed to bringing about real change.

In what we do, we are guided by the principles of the triple bottom line model. This means that economic, environmental and social aspects are considered simultaneously when addressing the pressing issues we work with.

The SSA operates within the university and local community. Our aim is to help JU meet its commitments to being responsible in action. In particular, we strive to inspire the next generation of global engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs and teachers to act responsibly in their own lives and future careers out in the world.

Our organisation is aiming to be a cross-school association, having members from all schools in the University to create a cohesive movement in which students can contribute the very best of their particular discipline.

At the heart of the SSA is the wish to ensure that people now and in the future will benefit from living in the sustainable society we can collectively create.